Our Team

Mari Kakosimidi, CMO, Founder

Mari Kakosimidi always had a vision to help others to make a positive influence and difference in their lives. Mrs. Kakosimidi discovered her passion for kids at the age of 18 by working as an After School Program Enrichment Coach. Within those 10 years she progressed her position in different entitlements and worked with different cases, age groups, behaviors, and challenges. Mrs. Kakosimidi found joy in working with children by helping kids develop learning skills that will be utilized in order to enrich their lives, as well as help them identify individual characteristic traits. Mrs. Kakosimidi admires children’s endless energy, honesty, creativity and resilience. She includes herself to help shape the child’s formative years by being a positive role model.  Mrs. Kakosimidi’s goal towards children is to instill ambition and create a strong foundation for their fundamentals of life. 

In doing so, Mrs. Kakosimidi partnered up and founded Helping Hands Behavioral Solutions Inc. to help children and their families by creating an individualized structure for each child to progress their lives in order to achieve and prosper in everyday living stances.  

Armine Danielyan, Administrative Director, CEO, Co-Founder

Armine Danielyan earned her Business Degree from an accredited university; and since then, for more than a decade Ms. Danielyan has consulted and developed programs with various companies that specialize in working with kids and adults with diverse behavioral disabilities. With her admiration, experience, and knowledge, she has managed and led the business development of each organization to a stable foundation for a progressing and successful agency; in which she has been achieving by far. Ms. Danielyan’s diversified skills range from developing business modules, designing and implementing numerous policy and procedures, and the organization and structure of the administrative, human resource, public relations and marketing department.

In the years of her consulting in the industry, Ms. Danielyan decided to partner with good friends to open an agency that is built on compassion, kindness, care, and dedication. Helping Hands Behavioral Solutions Inc. is created on a strong and prosperous foundation, HHBS wants to see change, to give hope, and provide support to families by building a strong and professional relationship. We are here to lend a helping hand to better the lives of many individuals and their families.