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ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analaysis is built on the principles of learning. Our goal with ABA is to increase skills and reduce problematic behaviors such as tantrums, elopements, or other harmful/dangerous behaviors. We also build skills your child needs to thrive. 

In-Home ABA is a perfect option for many families. When we provide ABA in home we are able to address behaviors in their natural environment. 

We also offer Center Based ABA. Centers offer a perfect setting for generalization, allowing patients to use acquired skills in a new way, at a new place. ABA Specialists are at the centers, supervising and mentoring to maximize progress. Your child will have opportunities to experience new learning methods outside of their home environment. With focused parent/guardian hours, parents/guardians have more time to work, attend meetings, or run errands, knowing their child is safe, engaged, and making progress at the center. 

Daily Living Skills

Many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) display impairments in daily living skills relative to their cognitive skills. Individuals on the spectrum need clear, incremental hands-on instruction on how to live on their own.

Social Skills

Individuals that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or any other Behavioral Disabilities are usually Non-Social. This means that the individual has a hard time communicating, connecting, and interacting with others. Enrolling your child in our Social Skills program will be extremely beneficial and will have a positive impact on your child’s life.

Speech Therapy

Your child can communicate at their best so they can be heard. 

Help your child reach their developmental milestones with the extra support of speech therapy. Speech therapy will work toward more effective communication.  Our therapists understand the unique needs of each invidual child. Our treatment plans are tailored to ensure your child has the support and care they need to communicate. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on how the patient uses fine motor and cognitive skills to perform tasks that are meaningful and beneficial the practice of occupational therapy involves the therapeutic use of everyday life activities with individuals, groups, and general population.

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