Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

We provide ABA Therapy in-home and at our centers. 

applied behavior analysis

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), also known as ABA Therapy is a research based, scientific method that began with the work of B.F. Skinner. The science measures observable behavior. It looks at what occurs before a behavior (antecedent) and what happens after a behavior (consequence). In addition, the methods of ABA are applied by breaking down skills into simple steps and teaching each step-in succession. Skills are taught with the use of prompting to assist learning. A correct response is followed by positive reinforcement which increases the likelihood that a behavior or response will occur more often in the future. HHBS uses Errorless Learning to decrease frustration and make teaching and learning a fun activity.  

ABA Therapy At myHHBS

We take a unique approach to help your child foster independence. 

We are committed to utilizing the treatment modalities that are antecedent interventions, the natural environment, direct reinforcement and collaboration between families, caregivers and behavior analysts in order to provide the most effective interventions available and foster independence.

Our specialists provide individual ABA therapy in the child’s home, or shadowing at the community as prescribed in the FBA. Our ABA therapists receive comprehensive training in behavioral theory, reinforcement, the application of discrete trial training, the nuances of prompting and fading prompts, behavior management, generalization, and maintenance of acquired skills. In addition, continuous refresher training courses and research on new techniques shall be provided to therapists so that they are able to maintain a desired level of quality of service. Trainings may include interactive play with peer groups and social development.
The philosophy of ABA is Determinism – all behavior is governed by the laws of behavior and therefor there is a reason for all behavior. We can predict and control behavior when we discover the variables governing a particular behavior.