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Day Program & After School Program

Result driven behavior analysis and ABA Treatment for Children and Teens with Autism. We work tirelessly to ensure each individual achieves positive change toward a happier life.

5800 Pacific Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90255


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How Our Day Program Will Benefit Your Child

Bringing your child to a center-based service is a great step to enhance your child’s social skills and familiarize your child with a structured setting.  If you are worried about the beginning steps of school, we would help that transition become a much more ease of change In center-based services your child will still benefit from one-on-one time with a passionate clinician, but also reap the benefits of a structured group setting with other children where they will have may opportunities to practice their socialization skills. 

Socializing with other children can help your child learn skills such as taking turns, sharing with others, waiting skills, participating in group activities, following a schedule, and so much more!  The benefits of learning how to appropriately interact with other children is crucial for your child’s academic future in school.  Simply sitting in a chair with other children attending to a preferred and or non-preferred activity helps!  Your child can learn to request to use the bathroom, ask for their desired item or toy and even learn reciprocal play with other children.  The skilled ABA team are experienced in intense behavior strategies and focus on reducing maladaptive behaviors while teaching the best functional replacement behavior unique to your child.

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How Center Based ABA Works

Center-based locations have a very structured setting, which assists with readiness for school.  It also offers times for creativity, play and exposure to new cultural and educational areas.  Center morning starts with circle time and fun, engaging activities.  Your child will work on academic materials at their level, sensory play, crafts, music and movement throughout the day and even be provided discrete trial training (DTT) to ensure your child still receives that one-on-one experience learning new skills.  Its everything in home services offers, but much more! 

We hope to see your child in our center!  

Our Center is available for children and teens ages 0-16 years old.


5800 Pacific Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90255 

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Having Problems Finding After School Activities For Your Autistic Child?

Our after school program is made just for autistic kids. Your child will not only be taken care of, but they will actively learn new skills from their time spent with us. They will be supervised by specialists that will ensure they are having a fun time at our brand new built center. Your child will have a blast engaging in many fun activities such as:

  • Learning Alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and days of the week. 
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dancing/movement activities
  • Social Skills activities
  • Making Friends
  • Listener responding activities (following instructions) 
  • Verbal behavior (communication)
  • Adaptive skills (daily skills)
  • Community safety skills
  • And so much more…

There is a limited number of spaces for our program.

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We Are Committed To The Highest Quality Autism Care

What Our Families Say About myHHBS

"I am really pleased with both my therapists and supervisor. Whatever questions regarding behavior change, they help me. This past month we had a big transition: we had to move houses. Both the therapist and supervisor helped. The movement did not affect my child’s behavior. Before son was not able to sit still in a chair. Now we are able to sit and have a nice dinner and lunch without having him running around the table. Before my son used to bite himself. That has stopped. Lots of behaviors have changed. There have been lots of changes about my son. "

Parent of 5 Year Old

“I was with another company before. I feel like I am happier now because the last company, I did not like how their therapists worked. I feel like that the therapists I have gotten with myHHBS are very helpful, very disciplined. I feel like in this line of service, a strong demeanor helps, and the character that these therapists have is very helpful.”

Parent of 13 Year Old

"When our son started, he was 3, and there was lots of rigidity of behaviors and meltdowns, aggression, all sorts of issues like that. She has just helped us know how to deal with that, how to recognize the signs and pre-end them, and how to prevent them from happening. Also, what to do to lower the length of the tantrum and things like that. All sorts of things he had issues with just walking down a steep hill and going on playground equipment. We have tackled each behavior and diversion and we have faced it. And without that help I think we would have been quite in a bad way.”

Parent of 9 Year Old

myHHBS Transforms Lives


Provides age-appropriate learning objectives


Provides continual support to parents/guardians


Encourages the development of cognitive, physical, and emotional therapies.


Each of our client’s program is based on quality and personalized to every child and their families.


Enhances the potential of clients to be independent and functional in everyday life.


We focus on a family-centered program to ensure that each family’s concerns, priorities, and values are integrated into the child’s daily program.


Activities are personalized and appropriate for each child’s age. We implement activities that every child can participate for on-going development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance/what insurance do you accept?

We accept most insurance except LA CARE. This includes Aetna, Anthem, Beacon, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Cigna, HealthNet, Humana, Tri-Care, Magellan, MHN, Medical Insurance.

What is the process to start?

Call 888-9MY-HHBS to talk to our Admission Director. Our Admission Director will discuss the steps to get started such as insurance authorization to complete a Functional Behavior Assessment. Once we have authorization our BCBA Clinical Director will complete the assessment and we can set up a schedule.

Do you provide services virtually?

Telehealth sessions can be utilized via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, etc. When you begin, a supervisor will be there to explain to you (the parents) how telehealth sessions work and make sure you and your child are comfortable.  

When services are in-person what safety and health precautions are you taking?
    • Staff, Parents/Guardians must take temperatures upon entering building.
    • Staff, Parents/Guardians must wash their hands before and after every session.
    • Staff must wear gloves and protective face masks.
    • Staff must clean and sanitize the therapy room before and after sessions.
    • Staff and Parents/Guardians must complete daily check-in log, answering questions regarding health and exposure.
    • If clients or attendees have a fever, or any other symptoms of being sick, they will be sent home and rescheduled.
    • When Parents/Guardians come to pick up their child they must wait outside the building until staff brings out their child.
    • Therapy Room: No one, other than the Therapists, Supervisors, Clinical Director and Clients are allowed in the Center Room.
    • Every 30 mins make sure that the room is sanitized and cleaned.
Are all services provided in the center and at home?

All therapy can be provided at home or center except for our social skills group which is exclusively at the center. 

How old are the children that you work with? Do you work with teenagers?

We work with children and teens of all ages. Our clients are between the ages of 1-21.

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BHCOE Accreditation In renewal process

In 2020 myHHBS become accredited with BHCOE, Behavioral Heath Center of Excellence. myHHBS had to go through an audit process against 200 other behavioral agencies to determine center of excellence, and by holding high standards and providing quality service myHHBS was recognized as a Center of Excellence! Read more about it here.