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Social Skills provides therapeutic, ABA driven, group experiences in the HHBS center or community setting.

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Social Skills Program at HHBS

Social Skills provides therapeutic, ABA driven, group experiences in the HHBS center or community setting.  Our highly trained ABA specialist take complex social skills and break them down to provide and teach socially acceptable behaviors in different ways and different settings.  Some taught skills are recognizing facial cues, responding to peers, working as a team, joining a group, taking turns, initiating play, voice modulations, conversational skills, problem solving and facing challenges in social situations, all while having a fun and positive collaborative experience with peers.   

Sessions are fun and interactive for the entire group.

We work in whole groups or break off into pairs while we practice using socially appropriate skills in a safe and supportive environment.  Sessions are always different and incorporate unique themes to make learning fun and interactive for all ages.  A typical session integrates a main topic while using multiple strategies for maximum exposure, such as movement and music, interactive learning, turn taking games, team building strategies, sensory play, stories, crafts and much more. 

HHBS Social Skills Therapists are the best when it comes to implementing new and innovative ways to teach children with disabilities social skills.  Our staff are highly trained and motivated to give the best experience while implementing valuable lessons that will generalize to other environments.  HHBS staff genuinely care about each one of our clients and thier success! 


Most of our current social skills kiddos are concurrently in our ABA program, which has taught them the basics of social skills.   They now want to expand thier repertoire and practice thier skills in a like-age group of peers.  Typically, the best candidate for social skills group would be one who displays difficulty in social settings.  Social skills are essential life skills and can help foster any child’s happiness and success in social situations.  All our groups vary by age and development level and each child will be placed in a group with similar skills.    

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